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How to puzzle the Day Dreaming At Lucky Cat Tree?

First of all, thank you so so much for supporting my small business. I'm trying new things and you guys make this possible for me to take steps for myself and my brand. In this post I share my tips on how to start with the Day Dreaming At Lucky Cat Tree.
The example in the box is slightly darker than the actual colours of the puzzle. I would suggest to follow the colours that are shown on the box, this is accurate! Use the example to recognise forms and placing!

How did I start?
I started with sorting out the colors.
How I sorted:
- white
- white with pattern
- beige
- luckys in the tree, green of tree and astrogirl
- corners (search for pieces with 1 flat edge)
- corner colors, there are 3 cats (red/purple/beige)
- petal leafs (dark purple are easy to find)
- all left over colors (if you have that)

I started with the tree, I counted all the Luckys in the tree and started connecting them first. Once I had the tree with Astrogirl (nearly) finished, I continued with the corners. I counted the Luckys and connected them too. Once that was done, I started to search for points that still had a bit of Luckys and a background. After that it was filling the gaps! I started on a Friday afternoon, worked on it for 3/4 hours when I had most of the tree, I missed simple spots like, a little piece of the dress or a tip of an ear. The next day I started with the corners. I worked on it for like 2/3 hours. On Sunday I finished it. Overal it took me around 7/8 hours to finish the piece.

TIP 1!
Study the artwork.
Count the Lucky's, how many colors are in it etc.
TIP 2!
Start sorting all the colors. Sort the corners!

Start with the tree! It’s the easiest.
These are the colours found in the tree and also how many Luckys are in it.
Don’t forget the green and Astrogirl.

When you have the tree with Astrogirl complete.
Continue with the corners.
It has 3 different Luckys! Make sure you've sorted red, purple and beige.
When you have the tree and the corners set, it’s easier cause then you can start filling the gaps! Here you can decide yourself what you want to do but I would suggest to continue with the background. The background has a white with beige pattern and also full beige. Or you can start searching for the petal leafs, but I would leave that for in between when you notice a spot. The petal leafs can be a bit tricky as the big petal leafs look like leafs of Lucky. The dark purple are easier to sort.

It is my first puzzle and in the near future I would love to make more so I would love to hear your thoughts after you've finished it. Feedback is very welcome as I'm learning while creating. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy this artwork.


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