Your 1 of 1 Sneaker Dedication!

“Sneaker Dedication” was born shortly after Careaux’s revered “Dedication Flower”. Careaux sees beyond the simple beauty of flowers--she sees the meaning life and love in them. In every culture, you’ll find that a flower is often central to its traditions, despite its different meanings around the world. No matter where you travel to, from Tokyo to Amsterdam, flowers play a role in connecting people. The blooming of a flower in the springtime resembles the circle of life. However you may find flowers displayed, they are used in celebration in times of peace, love, strength and passion.

Careaux saw a link between flowers and sneakers. While flowers represent life, sneakers represent the journey through it. With every step you take whether it’s off to the city for work or playtime in the park with your loved ones, your sneakers allow you walk down a beautiful path of life. Everyone’s journey is different--your sneakers won’t let you down no matter what direction in life you go.

 “Sneaker Dedication” was born to fuse the beauty and meaning of flowers and sneakers. Careaux encourages you to customize your “Sneaker Dedication” piece to the flower and sneaker of your choice; a 1 of 1 piece of art that represents you (who happens to also be 1 of 1).

Read further if you're interested in your own personalized artwork! PS. for now, pieces bigger than 80cm can not be shipped overseas. Product is made in The Netherlands.

Step 1.
Choose your favourite sneaker.

Step 2.
Choose your flowers.
If you can’t decide, CAREAUX's iconic cherry blossoms will get added.
If you don't want flowers, let us know!

Step 3.
Decide on what you would like: 
- A poster
- A canvas
- A cut out.

Step 4.
Head over to the 1 OF 1 SNEAKER DEDICATION.
Choose the material for your artwork.
Place the order in the size you'd like. This is possible through the drop down!
After placing the order and payment has been made, head over to CONTACT.
Fill in the form with your order number and your Sneaker Dedication.

Name: James Bond.
Message: Order number 100 "Jordan 4 Mars Blackmon with White Lilys”.

Please note.
The process of a 1 of 1 Sneaker Dedication takes up to two weeks! After that, we will get in touch with you before it goes into production. You can check the artwork and have one last time to update. Once that’s done and you’re satisfied with the artwork, it goes into production. This takes up to 5 till 7 working days. You’ll receive the tracking once your Sneaker Dedication is shipped!

If you need it before a certain time, contact us to discuss this before placing the order.
Thank you!


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